How to get to Suite?

Coming from the South: Kortrijk towards Ledeberg, from the Sint-Lievenspoort.

  • From the R40 (Sint-Lievenslaan or Keizervest) drive towards 'Zuidpark' in the direction of 'Woodrow Wilsonplein' (Het Zuid).
  • Follow the road until you pass on your righthandside the 'Capitole', there you'll take the right direction towards 'Sint-Annaplein'. Take the fourth exit, the 'Gebroeders van Eyckstraat' and Reep.
  • Keep on driving through the 'Sint-Jacobsnieuwstraat' until you reach 'Vlasmarkt'.
  • At the Church 'Sint-Jacobskerk', you'll take the left street, towards the 'Belfort'
  • Take the first street on the righthandside, the 'Kammerstraat', after that towards the underground parking 'Vrijdagsmarkt'.
  • After you exit the parking, you can find Suite, walking in to the 'Serpentstraat' and the 'Schepenhuisstraat', in a short 3 minute walk

Walk from Fridaymarket to Suite

Route by car (from the highway):